There are many reasons why we use mobile phones. They are a great way of keeping in touch with people when either we or they are away from landlines. Indeed, such devices are now an integral part of modern society and many things would struggle to function without them.

As well as having conversations with others, these products are capable of performing a wide range of complex tasks, such as providing satellite navigation, giving us access to emails and enabling us to look up information on the web.

In addition, many come in handy as an alternative way of taking pictures and videos that does not rely on a specialist piece of equipment.

However, there is another aspect of phones that is also important and that is there use as status symbols. In offices, homes and playgrounds across the world, people are comparing their own versions of the tools and seeing who has the best.

In the case of adults, this may be subtle, but there is no escaping from the fact that having a top of the range handset can make individuals the envy of their peers.

One result of this is a high turnover of mobiles, as consumers constantly seek to buy the latest models.

This inevitably leads to many devices becoming redundant and potentially being thrown away.

However, by engaging in phone recycling and exchanging mobile phones for cash, people can help to reduce the environmental damage of this cycle.

And the means by which people can recycle mobile phones for cash are becoming ever easier, meaning there is no excuse to simply bin such devices.

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