If your phone contract is coming to an end and you are about to get the chance to renew, you will no doubt be looking forward to the prospect of selecting a new handset, which your mobile provider may hand over free of charge or for a reduced fee.

This could be a great opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology on the market and make your friends jealous.

However, as well as looking forward to the new, you should also start to think about what to do with the old.

Your current handset is about to become redundant and, if you do not come up with a plan concerning what to do with it, it may well end up gathering dust on a shelf in your home.

Not only is this potentially wasteful in environmental terms, but it may also result in you losing out of possible cash.

If you are savvy, you may decide to make the most of the options available to you concerning phone recycling.

This method of getting cash for mobiles is an easy way to make extra money while also ensuring the components of the device can be reused and thus reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

So, with the deadline for your contract renewal on the horizon, remember it is important not to get carried away with the new handset you will receive but also to consider mobile phone recycling to deal with the old one.

Doing so could help both your conscience and your wallet.

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