The world of mobile phone recycling and ownership was recently described as being like an avalanche; as soon as a new release arrives, demand surges and creates a massive wave of retail joy that takes over the market until the initial buzz has worn off. Well, that suits our used mobile phone needs down to the ground!
The great thing about our company is that we grow every day. Through this blog, our TV adverts, word of mouth etc, we’re able to spread the word that you can sell mobile phones for cash and make a little back from that once loved iPhone 3G that’s now relegated to second place.
The iPhone 4S has caused a fantastic surge in demand for our recycling services. But let’s not forget about other delightful new releases – the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Nokia Lumia – this really IS the season to be jolly excited about mobile phone recycling!
In the end, the mobile phone industry in the developed world is about more than just communication. It’s about utility, labour-saving, efficiency, creativity – what CAN’T you do with your phone? Part of the Mazuma chain is sending used mobile phones to struggling economies such as those in Pakistan, parts of China etc. In these places, a simple tool like a mobile phone can change lives, save lives and help communities to grow into prosperous, efficient, safe locales. Think about that next time you’re tempted to just fling your old iPhone 3G into a forgotten drawer.

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