The International Data Corporation provides market intelligence around the world. They advise electronics companies who specialise in information technology and telecommunications. In a recent report however, the IDC told phone manufacturers that they need to do much more to improve their environmental impact and work towards a greener mobile phone industry.

The IDC welcomed some recent improvements to mobile phone technology. The new solar powered charger currently in development by LG is a good start to the reduction of waste, also Samsung’s efforts to reduce the amount of brominated flame retardant materials used on most mobile phone circuit boards, and totally phase out the use of hard to break down polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) from all their mobile phones.

Apple received some praise too as a leader in influencing its supply chain towards greener technology. Apple also has recycling facilities in 95% of the nations where they sell their products, but according to the IDC only 10% of all mobiles get recycled.

Nokia was found to be good in the area of recyclable materials, with up to 80% of their phone materials being used elsewhere at the end of the phones lifetime. Nokia also does very well at using recycled materials in their new technologies. And Sony Ericsson have done well on their reduction of packaging, using lighter materials and moving to electronic manuals to reduce the need for paper.

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