Let’s say you’re a factory worker in somewhere like India or China. You’re likely uninterested in mobile phone apps that help keep tabs on calories or update you on the latest West End plays, but there are plenty of amazingly practical uses for that used mobile phone that’s found its way to your hands from a phone bank in the U.K or phone recycling Mazuma envelope.
You work long hours in this factory, leaving an elderly mother, a spouse, even children alone at home for long periods of time. The capability to communicate with your family in such circumstances can not only be useful and practical, but lifesaving and potentially an integral part of your peace of mind. We don’t just sell basic old handsets to struggling communities; we also supply devices to the likes of NGOs and businesses that promote the practicality of smartphones in struggling communities.
There are heaps of apps designed to make life a little easier. For you, the hardworking factory employee in India, some apps like alarm clocks, timers, diaries and schedulers etc can be invaluable. Where we often use our smartphones as portable versions of other devices, many folks in poorer economies could find a smartphone their only – and invaluable – access to useful lifestyle assistance.
It’s tough to find old mobiles going through our phone recycling system that DON’T have any games or fun bits and bobs as standard programming. Games like Tetris, Mahjong etc can be enjoyed in any language!

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