The festive season is well and truly here, and who would we be if we didn’t throw in our two cents on the subject of recycling in the holiday season! There are loads of great ways to make the most of surplus bits and pieces lying around your home and garden, so let’s channel a little Delia Smith and list a few great ways to save money and personalise your celebrations for 2011!
• Getting cash for phones through our first-rate mobile phone recycling service isn’t the only way you can free up a bit of space and make money this winter. Have you ever used that juicer? The exercise bike? Do you really need a “spare” Xbox? Give your home electronics a swift going over and kick a few our way or to the online auction curb! Sell mobile phones, spare games controllers – whatever you think can make you a quick quid in the run up to Christmas.
• Not all are born with creative bones, but there are still loads of things you can do in terms of making Christmas decorations cheaply. Collect pinecones and paint them, cut out little Christmas trees from felt fabric to make window hanging decorations; there are literally hundreds of different ways you can create unique, personal decorations for your home on the cheap.
• We all go through a LOT of packaging etc over the festive period. There’s no better time of year to invest in separate recycling bins for your kitchen!

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