The standard thing to do with your electrical devices when they finally give up the ghost is to throw them away. For example, if your ten-year old television simply ceases to operate, chances are you will take it to the tip and then go to Dixon’s and replace it with a new, improved model. You do this because you assume (rightly) that no-one will want to buy an electrical device that doesn’t work. However, although this assumption is true in most cases, there is one electronic device that doesn’t abide by such assumptions – the humble mobile phone.

We here at Mazuma Mobile are so passionate about mobile phone recycling that we will consider paying cash for your mobile even if it is no longer in working order. This is good news for you as it means the dead mobile that you thought was completely worthless could in fact provide you with a good amount of cash that could be put towards the purchase price of a brand new phone.


So, don’t disregard the potential that broken old mobile phones might have to earn you extra money. Instead, think about us here and ask yourself one very simple question: “could I sell my mobile phone to Mazuma Mobile for cash”? If you are interested, simply go to the relevant selling page here on our website and then select the non-working option. Not only will you boost your finances, but you will also be helping the environment as well.

Everybody wins.

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