Environmental awareness is a major concern for individuals, societies and governments all across the world. Indeed, recycling is a very hot topic and people everywhere are trying harder than ever to ensure they limit the effects that their actions may have on the environment.

Consumer technologies
However, our endeavours to push the boundaries of consumer technologies in the past thirty years have made recycling a far more difficult task than it needs to be. Sadly, most electronic devices that we in the West take for granted such as mobile phones and computers contain components that simply cannot be recycled by traditional methods. In fact, items such as LCD screens can even cause harm to the environment if they are thrown away in the normal way.

Mobile phone recycling
Here at At Mazuma Mobile we do everything we can to help prevent these components from being thrown away and causing damage to the environment. We do this by buying old mobile phones from people that no longer want them and then sell them at reduced prices to people in developing countries who may not have the means to buy a brand new mobile phone. Not only can this type of mobile recycling help to ensure harmful components do not end up in place where they can cause harm to the environment, it can also enable people in underprivileged parts of the world to enjoy a means of communicating which may not have been available to them beforehand.

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