We recently read an article that claimed Aussie’s are putting off phone recycling because of a deep concern about personal data being inexpertly removed. Figures suggested around 65% of Aussies felt unsafe leaving their data removal needs in the hands of cash for mobiles companies due to a fear that their personal data could be accessed by a third party or even sold on. Here are a few facts about the Mazuma mobile system that ensures complete satisfaction and 100% confidence in mobile phone recycling here in the U.K!
• Around 90% of some mobile phones can be recycled. This process completely destroys any information on the phone. But we operate a failsafe data deletion tool to make sure EVERYTHING is wiped before the dismantling process even begins.
• Our Data Delete Tool is essentially a free step-by-step personalised instruction to show you EXACTLY how to delete data before you send the phone to us. We could do this ourselves, but we know peace of mind can come from knowing 100% of your personal data has been removed by your own fair fingertips.
• Although there are a few horror stories about things like government laptops being sent to a recycling company full of Top Secret information, your phones will be so thoroughly reviewed as soon as we receive them that there’s no chance at all of things like very personal photos or secret spy files (or mean texts about your mother-in-law!) making their way onto the market.

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