We’re mobile phone recycling experts etc, etc, but that’s not just something we shout about to drum up business for the Mazuma phone recycling scheme. Our ethics are a HUGE part of what we do, both in the U.K market and in the economies we export used mobile phones and salvaged materials to.
e-waste is a very, VERY modern concern. But e-waste isn’t just about the devices and materials left to degrade on landfill sites, potentially poisoning wildlife and damaging ecosystems for thousands of years (that’s the closest estimate we have concerning how long it takes for plastics to BEGIN degrading) e-waste is also about the phones, laptops, tablets, even calculators gathering dust in draws and on shelves around the world.
Capitalising on your old mobiles and electronic devices is pretty easy, particularly with specialist ethical traders like Mazuma operating a huge portion of the market (we’re the biggest in the U.K!) According to recent U.S figures, the new iPhone 4S could create around 200 million pounds (weight) of e-waste over the next couple of years.
We believe the coming years are going to see e-waste management and trading markets grow exponentially around the globe. Selling mobile phones or donating old handsets should already be the normal form of ethical disposal for all users, but we still estimate millions of handsets are idling away in that old forgotten drawer. Do you know someone who could sell old mobile phones to us? Spread the Mazuma word today!

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