Of the 50 million or so handsets that lie abandoned in kitchen draws, car glove boxes and desk organisers, how many suffer their fate because of user ignorance? We’re not suggesting that the users COULDN’T use their spangly new phones, but rather that they found their functions incompatible with their lifestyles after a very short while of use.
Take the LG Chocolate – one of the most stylish of the 2007 generation of touchscreen mobile phones.

Many users found the touchscreen capability to be a gimmick at best and a hindrance at worst. Fast forward a few months and it’s off to the phone bank for the old LG Chocolate!

Here are a few titbits of advice from us avid mobile recycling fans (as avid mobile phone users!)

•    Always go for function over form. The LG Chocolate was stunning to behold, and arguably still compares favourably to more modern touchscreens, but on a basic level it wasn’t practically useful to many users.

•    List must-have features before you buy. Decided to upgrade and sell your phone? Great. Now make a note of all the features and apps you use most prolifically, what you wish the phone did and what you wish it didn’t. This will give you and the mobile phone store rep a much clearer idea of what you’re looking for.

•    Review your contract. Lots of mobile phone service providers are willing to offer lovely loyalty discounts to folks who consider not renewing their contract.

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