In this day and age, we are encouraged to recycle everything possible, so why not recycle mobile phones too? Most people have at least one old mobile hanging around the house, and getting around to disposing of them properly can take months. In the mean time they clog up your drawers, losing value with each passing day.

At Mazuma Mobile, we provide a service which offers cash for phones you no longer want or use, allowing you to get rid of the old handsets taking up space in your home and make a little money out of them. The amount that your phone is valued at will depend upon its age and whether or not it works, but you might be surprised at how much yours is worth. We provide free postage in the form of prepaid envelopes, so every penny is yours to keep. If your phone is newer or you have amassed an impressive collection of unwanted phones as a household, you could make a tidy sum from sending your mobiles on to a better life.

We refurbish your old handsets and send them to countries where demand is high, saving perfectly good phones from the bin, and saving our landfill sites from being inundated with perfectly good phones. Swapping your unwanted mobile phones for cash is not just great for your wallet; it’s also good for the planet and the phones themselves. Simply type in your make and model numbers to see how much your old handsets could get you.

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