Now that the storm over the reception issues surround Apple’s latest iteration of the iPhone has subsided, you may be considering upgrading from your old mobile phone.

Despite the interference problems with reception because of the antenna, the Apple iPhone 4 is still one of the best phones money can buy. For a start it is the thinnest smartphone you can buy. Apple boast that it is 25% smaller than any of the previous iPhones, and despite the fact that it feels more chunky, it is actually fractionally heavier than the iPhone 3G.

It also has the highest resolution display of any phone ever. That can really make a difference if you need a little more clarity. One of the complaints of previous models was that whilst definition was good, it could still be a little blurred with the small text most phones use nowadays.

The iPhone also provides you with the closest thing to video phoning available on the market. Its inward camera is glitch free and works easily enough, and the outward camera too is of excellent quality.

So why did they get the antenna problem wrong? According to sources inside Apple, the pressure of the launch date and the insistence on design over efficiency meant that a few issues got overlooked. It’s a shame since this phone is clearly a remarkable product.

As with all premium smartphones, the iPhone 4 is expensive. If you’re looking to finance a purchase of one, why not sell your mobile to us at Mazuma Mobile? We deal with mobile phone recycling, which can help you get some cash for your next exciting iPhone 4.

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