How many times have you upgraded your mobile phone over the last few years? Are there perfectly good, usable mobiles clogging up your drawers? Why don’t you exchange your old mobile phones for cash? If you sell your old phones you will not only be putting a bit of spare money in your bank, but you will also be helping others.

Every year there are new generations of phones meaning people will have spare ones that they no longer use. There are people in India, China, Africa and Pakistan for example who would love to buy these old phones because the technology we take for granted isn’t as widespread in these foreign countries. They will have the same excitement buying phones that we had when we first bought a mobile which had a stubby aerial. The most recent models of phones generally command higher prices, but even very old mobiles can still be sold to Mazuma.

The Benefits Of Selling Your Old Phones

In our throwaway world, now is the time to pause and think about what we can all do to make life a little better for others less fortunate. Now you can sell your old phones and know that you are helping others at the same time.

Mazuma Mobile was set up to help clear the old phones out of kitchen drawers and put them to good use again. It could not be easier to sell your old phones to Mazuma. All you have to do is go to the Mazuma Mobile website and find out how much your phone is worth and then choose how you would like to be paid, enter your details and job done!. We will send you an envelope which is prepaid and all you have to do is put your old phone in the envelope and then post us your phone within 14 days. Once we receive your phone or device, we check your order and if all is correct we’ll make payment on the same day of receipt. You smile, we smile.

Can you trust Mazuma?

For security reasons, we check that all the phones we buy are 100% legal and are not on a register of stolen phones. Some of the old phones that we receive are in fact brand new phones from discontinued lines as manufacturers are always upgrading their mobile phones.

When you sell your old phones, you know that they will have a better and more exciting life working for someone who really appreciates them for what they are – brilliant technology.

The mobile phone revolution is still remarkable with over 5 billion mobile phone users predicted by 2017. Children and teenagers are some of the biggest users and so when they receive a new phone then let your children know that they can sell their old phones to Mazuma and can use the money to top up their credit. Now is the time to spring clean your drawers and find any spare phones lying around, don’t put it off go and have a look now!

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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