Does the Samsung Galaxy S8 live up to the hype?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been hyped up to the max, with the marketing blurb promising a groundbreaking and innovative handset.

With the device commanding a price tag of almost £700, quite frankly that's the least that most buyers would expect from it.

So does it really deliver what it promises? Consumer group Which? put the Galaxy S8 through its paces with a series of “rigorous” lab tests to see whether or not it justifies the excitement around it.

Let's see what it concluded…

The look 
Which? believes the curved front and back of the device give it a “premium feel”, making it “a pleasure to hold and use”, while its edge-to-edge display is described as “almost entrancing”.

The consumer group singles out the removal of the physical home button as perhaps the biggest change from previous devices, but thankfully the pressure-sensitive area that replaces it is “immediately intuitive”.

Which? also notes that the device is bigger than the previous Samsung Galaxy S7, thereby giving a user's thumb slightly more mobility if they are holding the phone with just one hand.

Tests by Which? found that the S8 “sped through everyday tasks like browsing through content-heavy pages and adding contracts”.

However, it stresses that many other phones can do the same, whereas the S8 has its hefty price tag because it comes with a ten nanometre processor – a world first – that promises “incredibly fast use”.

“It’s an expensive phone, so you’d hope it would be among the very speediest you can buy right now, and that it would make light work of running the latest graphic-intensive games,” Which? said.

The camera
The S8 features a 12Mp rear camera, with great features such as multi-frame processing. This lets users take multiple shots at the same time and combine them to create the best possible picture.

The camera can be accessed easily from the lock screen, so if you want to take a picture in a hurry, there aren't too many clicks required before it loads up.

Battery life
Which? is confident the S8 has enough juice to get a person through the day, so they can chat and use the internet while they are out and about without needing to charge it up again.

So what can we take away from this? The S8 certainly offers what you'd expect from a premium smartphone, but the point that many other devices do the same is one that sticks out.

But if you're absolutely sure you can't live without the latest model and have the money to afford it, it looks like the S8 won't disappoint.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801835751-ADNFCR

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