Could the iPhone 8 be the option for you amid iPhone X hype?

We, like everyone else, had been eagerly looking forward to the launch of the Apple iPhone 8 this month.

It was to be the handset that built on the incredible legacy forged by its predecessors over the last ten years and took the iPhone brand into a bold, new second decade.

But Apple surprised us all by unveiling the iPhone X as well – and as a result, many fans of the brand are holding off on upgrading until the X is available.

This means that while pre-orders for the brand new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus have now commenced, sales aren’t what we might have anticipated as customers know it will only be the latest model for a month.

Several studies back up this observation. For instance, a survey by Digital Trends found that 72 per cent of respondents would choose to buy the iPhone X over the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.

Apple’s logic is interesting, as it probably believes that if people are willing to pay full whack for a high-end iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, it’s likely they’ll be prepared to fork out just a little bit more to get the iPhone X.

And let’s face it, they’re probably right. For many gadget lovers, and Apple fans especially, money is often no object and they will do anything to have the very best and latest version of a model.

But could they in fact be missing out by overlooking the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 Plus?

Well, it depends on your point of view and what you want from a handset.

As says, everything on these handsets works great and they are “virtually perfect” phones. Indeed, it “makes calls, plays games, takes pictures, shows movies, gets you everywhere, and does everything better than ever before”.

But the website believes they also feel like “the last of something right as Apple and others prepare the first of something else”.

“When your phone can see you, and see the world, it will change what a phone is, and does, and can be,” said.

“This fall, Apple’s giving you a choice: get a seat on the best piston airliner ever, or take a chance on jet engines.”

Consumers who want an “awesome” iPhone are therefore being actively encouraged to buy the 8, but if they want to be “part of the future”, they’re being told to save their money for now and get an iPhone X to “see what’s really coming next”.

“Want to know where smartphones are headed? Look at the iPhone X,” said.

“The iPhones 8 are probably just the last, best version of what your phone looks like now.”

The Daily Mail, meanwhile, has gone as far as saying that the iPhone 8 is “the best handset Apple has ever made”.

“For many the iPhone 8 will be the perfect handset, the ‘iPhone classic’ of the range, and a phone you really shouldn’t write off,” it observed.

The publication noted that the internals of the iPhone 8 are actually pretty much the same as those of the X, only they have a more familiar screen configuration and fingerprint sensor.

In other words, it gives people the chance to enjoy some of the functionality that will become standard in the future in a format that they feel comfortable with.

“It’s all about options – and the iPhone 8 is a really great one, an ‘iPhone classic’, if you will,” the Daily Mail stated.

The publication also went on to say that it thinks the 8 actually has some advantages over the X, beyond the fact that it is available sooner.

For instance, it said the design is “superb”, while the wireless charging capability “really does change the way you use your phone”. So while the iPhone 8 might not be revolutionary in the way that the iPhone X is, it’s not actually designed to be groundbreaking.

Instead, it’s the logical upgrade from the 7 and if it offers a layout and functionality that people find comfortingly familiar, is that really a bad thing?

Of course not. Apple is simply catering to everybody by giving them the choice, and for that, we thank them.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801840049-ADNFCR

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