Once your mobile is no longer useful to you, you might think it is virtually worthless. After all, it may have been superseded by newer and better models and it might even be broken.

Like many people, you may therefore believe that it is not worth investigating the possibility of exchanging such phones for cash because the amount you would get would be minimal.

However, you may be making a mistake. Here at Mazuma, we specialise in mobile phone recycling and know the value of used devices. Such items can be resold in developing markets and provide much needed means of communication.

We even deal with phones that are classified as ‘non-working’ as, with the right care and attention, these products can be given a new lease of life.

To find out how much your old handsets are worth, all you have to do is enter some basic details on our website. You might be shocked by the value of those unused items that are currently gathering dust around your home.

Just because they are no longer useful to you does not mean you cannot get a great price for them. And just think what you could do with that extra money. Perhaps you could treat yourself to new clothes or items for your home. On the other hand, the cash may come in handy to help you cover bills or the cost of your holidays.

Whatever you do, don’t rule out exchanging old mobiles for cash. You could make a tidy sum through our website.

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