If you’re having a clear out as part of your spring cleaning, then we urge you not to throw any of your old mobile phones away. Sell your old phone to us and make yourself some extra cash at the same time instead! Plus, you’ll be getting rid of your phone in an environmentally friendly way too. Mobile phones which are thrown away end up in landfill sites, where their batteries damage the environment and their plastic casings take thousands of years to degrade. AND they make you no money at the same time! What’s good about any of that?

Recycle your Nokia phone or sell your Blackberry phone that’s been sat at the back of a drawer since you stopped using it in favour of your shiny new handset and you’ll make yourself some cash which you can spend on whatever you wish, or you can even make a bit extra by receiving your money as an Argos voucher. Selling your old phone has never been easier either. Simply find out how much it’s worth by looking up your make and model on our site. If you don’t know the model number, there’s a handy photo to help you out, or you can find it easily by putting in the IMEI number (type *#06# and it’ll come up on the screen). Choose how you want to get paid and then we’ll send you out a free postage pack, or you can download a freepost label from our site and send your handset out straightaway.

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