For students, the time for scrimping and saving has never been more pronounced than now, with the importance making sure you maximise your money and minimise your spending more prominent than ever. And yet, in the drawers and desks around the country there are literally millions of pounds waiting to be claimed.

Old mobile phones may seem like junk to you. Perhaps you are thinking you will keep them just for back up, in case something happens to your current phone, but is it really necessary to keep so many? And are you really going to be seen using that old thing?

Before you throw it on the scrapheap though, why not consider sending your old mobile phone to us at Mazuma Mobile? We specialise in reselling your phone to countries that have a need for mobile technology. That ensures your phone doesn’t end on the ever increasing landfill sites around the country, but goes to someone who can love it in the same way you have.

We have been phone recycling for cash for many years now and are now recycling over 150,000 mobiles every month, making us one of the leading mobile phone reuse specialists in Europe.

So why not check out our website and find out what you old phone is worth. Recycling your mobile could not be any easier.

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