If you have a large household, you may come across an astonishing number of discarded mobile phones whilst spring cleaning. Working out what to do with these phones can be tricky – disposing of the batteries correctly and safely, finding out whether your local recycling facility can process mobile phones – faced with all this, it seems simplest just to bin these poor phones, but at Mazuma Mobile, we have an alternative solution. Why not recycle mobile phones for cash instead?

This service is not only fantastic for removing the clutter that these phones generate, it also gives you a chance to make a little money from items which will otherwise probably never be used again. If you sell your phones, you can also give them a chance to live out their true lifespan, not only the 12-24 month timescale often imposed by forever changing contracts.

In addition to being good for your phone and bank balance, recycling your old mobile phones is also good for the planet, preventing these often perfectly useable phones from clogging up landfill sites. After a quick refurbishment from us, these phones can be passed on to new owners in countries where demand for mobile phones is on the rise, allowing the phone to fulfil its destiny, and providing a means of mobile communication for someone in need of it.

So if you have a mountain of mobiles amassing somewhere in your home, why not enter the model numbers into our site and see how much you could make recycling them with us?

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