If you’ve decided to sell your mobile to us, the odds are good there will be at least a few post-use gripes relating to things like ease of use etc. With touchscreens like the iPhone 4 and HTC Desire cornering the market, are there any significant downsides to touchscreening (it’s a real word!) our way to technological bliss? Apparently, there are!

•    Using touchscreens in bright sunlight is enough drive even the most ardent touchscreen fan to the phone bank.

•    Text goodbye to one-handed texting! The iPhone is a fairly low level culprit on this one, but horizontal phones like the Nokia N900 require both of your hands or they’re not cooperating!

•    Finger mistakes are common if the user has anything remotely like a broad finger pad. Mis-hitting keys used to be a learning curve, but with touch screens it tends to be more of a daily ritual, with many folks never quite getting the hand of speedy texting like they used to back in the good old days when Nokias were simple and our mobile recycling service saw more “brick” phones than touchscreens!

•    Low sensitivity in terms of actually reacting in the way the user wants. The patience need to use a touchscreen sometimes borders on neurotic. Try to select a function VERY carefully and enjoy the three of four times you accidentally select every button around it!

•    Touchscreens are much fussier about being covered in grime, grease and bits of dinner!

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