The iPhone 4 is the latest mobile phone offered by Apple. This extremely desirable handset offers many new features over its predecessor, the iPhone 3GS. These include a much improved camera, the ultra-high resolution Retina Display, multitasking and a sleeker, slimmer and lighter design. However, all this top of the range mobile phone technology does not come cheap. If you are an iPhone 3GS user, you many think that the new model is out of your grasp. However, you could sell your phone to Mazuma, and possible get more than enough money to upgrade to the iPhone 4.

Selling mobile phones for cash is easier than you might think. Mazuma Mobile specialises in recycling mobile phones, and will pay you cash when you send an old phone to them. Simply click on the mobile of iPhone you currently own on their website, and they will quote you a price for it. They will provide you with a freepost envelope for you to send the phone to them. Once they have received it, they will pay you your cash by cheque or bank transfer on the same day.

If you sell an old iPhone to Mazuma, you could earn up to £155. Some mobile phone networks are offering the iPhone 4 for as little as £99 when you take out a contract with them. This means that, if you sell your phone to Mazuma, you could make more than enough cash to upgrade to the iPhone 4.

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