Getting on the summer bandwagon and having a thorough de-clutter might not be your idea of a balmy UK season well spent. Nonetheless, there are tons of little bits and bobs you could be doing to make a bit of extra cash for the holiday fund!


Don’t sell your mobile on eBay! We want to give your old mobile phones the Mazuma treatment! But there’s probably still at least a little in the way of sellable goods in your possession. You might not be ready to part with that pristine Wayne Gretzky hockey card just yet, but the eBay odds are good that someone somewhere will be willing to pay a few pounds for things like DVDs, jewellery, books, CDs etc. You may only sell things for a relatively low price, but sell enough and the pile of precious cash adds up!

Sell Your Mobile to Us

You knew it was coming! Here in the Mazuma office we’re all thrifty experts (everybody’s had to start somewhere, right?) when it comes to things like making ends meet at university, struggling through your first job on minimum wage (and still trying to save money for a cheap beach vacation!) and trying really, REALLY hard to stay in the black when money is most definitely NOT growing on trees! That’s really why we all believe in Mazuma – we’ve all recycled our mobiles too!

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