It’s tough to be a twenty-first century phone. If you can’t do the latest tricks – internet browsing, social networking, and super-fast apps – you are likely to be swapped for a more advance model at the earliest opportunity. Only swapped does not mean that you are handed over to somebody who will love you just as your previous owner initially did. It means a drawer; dark and lonely.

Mazuma Mobile’s cash for phones service can provide new hope to these poor abandoned handsets, offering them the chance to be used and adored again – and giving their previous owners cash in exchange. If you are one such owner; one who has managed to accidentally develop a small collection of old mobile phones, visit our site and see how much you could potentially make if you clear your mobile graveyard. The amount they are worth will depend upon the functionality and model of your phones, and we send a prepaid envelope for you to post them to us. Once we receive them, you will be sent the agreed amount as a transaction, cheque, or voucher – as chosen by you.

This service not only gives hope to phones who had otherwise abandoned all sense of purpose, it is good for the environment and for countries where the demand for mobile phones is high. Instead of taking up space in your drawers or in landfill, your lovely, dependable old mobile can enjoy a new home in somebody’s pocket. Not to mention that you can make money from something no longer of use to you.

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