Normally, when possessions are broken, you stand very little chance of selling them on. For example, if you car ceases to operate, you will not be able to flog it to fellow consumers and the vast majority of dealers will not take it on either. The same applies to virtually all products, including televisions, MP3 players and so on.

So, if your mobile phone is broken, you might automatically assume that you will not be able to get any money for it. With this in mind, you might simply place the item away to gather dust, or even throw it away.

But you may be making a mistake. Here at Mazuma Mobile we are committed to mobile phone recycling and may well be prepared to hand over cash for your handset even if it is no longer operating. We buy both working and non-working devices.

When you are going through the process of trying to sell your mobile to us via our website, all you have to do is select the non-working option.

This is great as it means that what you might have thought was completely worthless a few moments ago could in fact bring you in welcome cash.

Whatever you do, don’t disregard the potential of broken phones to earn you money. Instead, come here to see whether or not you could recycle mobile phones for cash.

And, as well as potentially boosting your finances, you can rest assured you are also doing your bit for the planet as well.

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