Along with providing a sterling cash for phones service to you, our wonderful customers, we’re also rather tech savvy (read “tech mad”!) folks with a vested interest in all things mobile and all things that help us play Angry Birds on the toilet! Simply put, we’re smartphone people!
The idea behind most smartphones is simple – a phone and computer in one. Some models like the Nokia N900 are even equipped with a QWERTY keyboard (“QWERTY” is a really satisfying word to type quickly by the way) to add a proper feel to the whole thing and, in theory, help you type faster (although we personally find the keys a little small and our clumsy thumbs a bit big!)
Want to sell Blackberry phones, recycle Nokia phones like the N900 smartphone or pass on your old iPhone to a happy new home? Although we carry a healthy stock of very cheap mobile phones, we’ve noticed that smartphones are in serious demand in struggling economies.
Take the example of a family-run business in Pakistan. A smartphone can cover all the necessary administration points of both a mobile phone and laptop. Prominent charities and resellers in such economies are always keen to accept smartphones from us because of their great functionality. Your HTC Desire might be purely for entertainment, browsing the web and chatting to your mates, but in a struggling economy like those of Pakistan, India, Africa and parts of China it could provide a valuable all-inclusive tool to help families keep in touch and businesses thrive.

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