We all like to save a bit of money here and there. With the economy still going through rough patches and prices continuing to rise, it is reassuring to know that there are still simple and easy ways of getting a little bit of extra cash. Mobile phones are a way you could save and even make money. Plenty of people are realising that they get cash for phones by selling on old handsets, but there are other ways your mobile can work for you.

Contracts And Upgrades

Mobile phones have really established themselves over the last decade. Once there were only a handful of phones to choose from, and just as many contracts. Now however there are thousands of different models and different contracts to suit specific needs. It is now common practice for mobile phone users to upgrade their phones frequently, but what happens to the old handsets? More often than not they are left in drawers and forgotten about, but there is money to be made if you sell old mobile phones. Contracts frequently offer replacement handsets throughout their tenure, so make the most of them and cash in your old model.

How To Cash In

Getting a quote for your old handset is quick and easy. Every mobile has an IMEI number, which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Typing this number into a website’s search bar will identify your phone, then you can start filling out other questions. Usually you will be asked about the state of the handset, and then you will receive a quote. After that it is up to you, you can arrange a bank transfer or order a cheque, both of which should occur within 48 hours. If for any reason the full amount of quoted money cannot be awarded then you will receive your phone back free of charge. Seeing as upgrades are so common it could be worth waiting and sending ten or more mobiles off at once, this will make you eligible for free courier delivery.

Money Saving Contracts

Mobile phone technology is increasing at such a rate that the next innovation is only around the corner. From Near Field Communication, which acts as an e-wallet, to high speed internet access, phones are becoming powerful, multi-purpose tools. In terms of handsets, this means that some models may become outdated fast, especially if you cannot live without the latest technological update. Signing into a long term contract will usually work out cheaper than a shorter one, and in many cases replacement handsets are free. So not only can you sell mobile phone handsets for cash, but you can stay up to date with the latest trend and end up paying less.

With millions of old mobile phones going to waste all over the country, they are money waiting to be made. Cashing in a mobile phone will not just make you money, but it is also an environmentally friendly alternative to disposing of them.

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