In a word – sometimes. As phone recycling experts we hear our fair share of sob stories and mishap tales; the iPhone 4 dropped in a puddle, the Nokia N900 crushed under the wheels of Grandma’s car, and the insurance policy which refused to pay out for a new handset! Taking measures to protect your smartphone means simply that you won’t be stuck without your £850 smartphone lifeline if the worst should happen. Well, that’s the idea.
So, when is phone insurance not really necessary? For most people it all comes down to the cost of insurance versus the cost of paying outright for a new phone.
Not everyone can stomach reading all the Terms and Conditions of even the toaster warrantee in one sitting, but it’s important to make sure the policy suits you. Insurance fraud is common and shocking simple, so most companies are incredibly strict about payment terms.
Home and Contents Insurance
Check your existing policy to see what kind of smartphone calamities are covered. It could be that sole mobile phone insurance isn’t necessary in your case.
In-Store Pressure
Just because you’re buying a handset and taking out a contract with a particular service provider doesn’t mean your insurance must be exclusively with them. For example, smartphone cover could be available through your bank at a better rate. It’s clichéd advice, but shopping around really DOES unearth the best deals.
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