Every year, networks routinely provide mobile telephone upgrades, which means an estimated 800 million used models are gathering dust in British homes, even though if you sell your mobile, you could convert it into up to £150.
Some people try to sell mobile phones for cash via auction websites, or they sell old mobile phones to a friend. But, especially with the former, there is no guarantee of a sale.
By far the most profitable thing to do with a handset you no longer need is to sell it for cash. This will pay a lot more than any ‘trade-in’ discount you might get from handing in your phone to a High Street retailer.
You can do this quickly and without any hassle. Just go to a phone recycling website, tell the company what model you have, and you’ll be told how much they’re prepared to pay for it. Then they send you a jiffy bag for the phone, with postage pre-paid. .
Although you can return your mobile freepost, consider sending it Recorded Signed for a small extra fee, to insure it.
Send the phone charged and switched off and without the SIM or memory card. Take off any pin or security codes. (Just select the ‘reset factory settings’ option on the menu.) Also remember to take off any private data.
At Mazuma Mobile, we’re rated as the UK’s number one phone recycling website. We’ll now pay for your used tablet, too. We promise to pay the full quoted price or return your phone for free. Learn more from our website.

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