Here at Mazuma, we like to move with the times. Indeed, this is one of the things that sets us apart from many other mobile phone recycling service providers.

So, as the technology concerning mobile communication devices continues to develop, we do all we can to keep pace and adapt the way we operate. This means you can rely on us to be able to help you out, almost regardless of the type of handset you have.

For example, unlike many of our rivals, we have expanded our provisions to cover tablets too. When it comes to mobile technology, we really are the one-stop-recycling-shop.

All you have to do to find out whether or not your tablet is covered by us and to discover how much cash you could receive for it is enter its details into the relevant section of our website. By doing so, and specifying whether or not the item is ‘working’ or ‘non-working’, you can see how much additional money you can earn simply by sending it to us.

After all, as impressive as tablets can be, they are no good to anyone if they are not being used. By exchanging cash for mobile items like this, you can boost your personal finances, which is always good news.

Meanwhile, such activity also serves to the benefit of the planet because it reduces waste. In addition, it helps people in developing countries. Just as with our regular mobile recycling, the devices are predominantly sent for reuse in these nations, boosting communications within them.

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