Without wanting to shoot ourselves in the foot here, the question of need versus want should generally be a consideration if you’re thinking about upgrading your mobile phone. Simply getting cash for old mobile phones probably isn’t strictly a decent enough reason to go for the upgrade, so here are a few questions to ask yourself before you sell your phone via our phone recycling for cash service.

Is your current phone broken?

If this blog entry has so far come off as a little miserly, it’s just because in the current financial climate every little saving really DOES help. Still, if your phone is broken, there’s no better time to get a new one! You can sell your old phone to us, and we will give you the cash for it. It doesn’t matter if your phone is broken or faulty – we will still be able to recycle in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. One thing to remember though, phones loose value every day! This means that the sooner you sell your phone to us, the more money we will be able to give you! You just have to visit our sell my mobile, choose the right phone model you want to sell, and we will give you an instant quote for your phone!

Are you suffering compatibility issues?

We don’t mean in terms of not getting along with your phone and considering a break up, but more in terms of the basic usefulness of your phone’s platform. For example, the Nokia Maemo platform is Linux-based and highly compatible, making Nokia smartphones popular business options. So, if you are thinking of getting a new phone that meets your needs, Mazuma is here to help you by giving you cash for your old phone!

Have you simply “gone off” your old phone?

Trends evolve, hearts change, and the features that once seduced us seem outdated and dull. When a phone falls out of favour because of age, think carefully about how much a new phone will REALLY add to your life before investing. If you still think that the money the new phone costs is worth it, then, sell your old phone to us – we will give you cash for it that can help you afford the cost of your new phone.

Do you need something new from your phone?

A new job, a longer commute, mobile internet – if you genuinely need a phone that performs a function further than your current model, investing in a new phone may be your only option (but don’t forget to sell your old phone to us so you can get some cash!)

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