Mobile phone recycling is not only good for the Earth; it can be good for your bank balance and for less developed countries, too. As a solution to increasing demand and the sheer annual quantity of wasted working mobile phones, we offer you cash for phones you no longer want.

Your old phone could be lying at the back of a drawer, recently replaced by a shinier model, but if you use our system, you can be paid to recycle it. The amount you will receive depends upon the age of the phone – newer models are naturally in higher demand – and also the functionality of the phone. You’d be surprised at how much your old phones could get you – especially considering that we buy your non-working models too.

The process is incredibly simple. You simply search for the make and model of your phone. If it comes up on our site, you can see how much we will give you for a working model and a broken model, as well as providing clearly defined guidelines for these classifications. You don’t even need to provide the charger. After this, you can choose your preferred payment method. We will then send a prepaid postage envelope for the phone and when we receive it: you’ll receive a cheque, voucher, or payment.

Our mobile recycling service is great for the planet as well as your wallet, keeping perfectly good phones from amassing in the tip. We give them a new life, and you a good price.

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