One reason to splash out on a new mobile phone – possibly after recycling a previous device – is to enjoy the new YouTube channel by Google.

Heaven Kim, of product management at the search engines and author of the Google Mobile Blog, says the latest version of the technology offers a “fresh look”.

Users can access thousands of videos and watch them in a unique way, thanks to the feature’s multi-axis viewer.

“We’ve also made it easier for you to share videos by email or through popular social networking sites,” the writer states.

The ability to view any of the videos shared by the popular site at all times may be a factor in some user’s decision to recycle an old mobile and snap up one of the latest models.

One such device could be Google’s own Nexus One, which includes a five-megapixel camera and a hi-tech 3.7-inch touchscreen.

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Posted by Joanne Grimshaw 

Written by Mazuma

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