The next version of Apple's popular mobile phone operating system – iOS6 – will not include Google's video sharing service YouTube as standard.

Apple has claimed that Google's licence to produce the app has expired, so it would no longer be on the OS.

The iOS without the YouTube app will be an unusual sight for iPhone fans as it has been included as standard since the phone's launch in 2007.

Stuart Miles, founder of tech news site Pocket-lint, believes that Apple is slowly purging its smartphones of all Google software.

"In a couple of years you will just ask Siri for results and you will not care where that comes from," Mr Miles told the BBC.

While the YouTube app may not be available, fans of the site will still be able to access it through their Safari web browser.

Apple's new iOS6 will offer a number of improvements over previous instalments, but if the firm limits its app offering too much it could lose ground to Android. There is also the growing threat of the Windows Phone platform, which IDC believes could outsell iOS by 2016.

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