There are a number of ways that young people who sell mobiles and upgrade to a superior device will continue to benefit from the technology on offer.

Howard Wilcox, senior analyst at Juniper Research, explained that near field communication (NFC) technology is one interesting aspect.

He remarked it is set to have a great impact on businesses, which will be able to tailor the services they offer customers with access to NFC.

For example, the expert suggested NFC can be used when it comes to adding baggage tags to luggage ahead of flights, as well as there being the prospect of a car enabled with the technology.

Mr Wilcox described such events as potentially having a "profound impact" on the companies that will be able to offer them.

The importance of mobile phones was recently summed up in research by Westcoastcloud, which found one in ten parents believe it is acceptable for a child of four years to have a handsets.

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