People who need to write, whether as part of their working duties or simply for fun, may be wise to trade-in their current mobile and switch to a Nokia device.

That is because of the emergence of an app that makes entering text via a handset easier, documented by Adam, author of the latest Nokia Conversations blog.

Adam says WordPress for Nokia is a function that allows people to compose blogs, posts, messages and essays just by using their phone.

And, with the latest models by the company also offering reliable internet connectivity, sending the results to a boss, friend or even posting it online can be done in the blink of an eye.

The writer adds the app is "blazing fast", making it ideal for those who may be working in a rush.

But it is not only writing that is easy with a Nokia phone, as it was recently revealed the N8's video recorder is capable of shooting an entire film – something the brand has done to produce The Commuter.

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