Facebook bosses may be asking themselves whether users would trade-in a used phone in favour of a specialist device launched by the social networking site.

Robin Goad, research director at Hitwise UK, says rumours are spreading that the company is investing in the development of its own handset.

If true, it could suggest Facebook is hoping to compete with Google, which has released its own Nexus One device, in the mobile market.

The two are said to be web rivals, with Hitwise figures showing the social network is closing the gap on the search engine as the internet's most-visited portal.

And demand for new mobile phones remains high, with most searches now for smartphones that offer access to Facebook, often as a specialist app, Mr Goad writes.

However, there was not such good news for Facebook last night (September 23rd) when millions of users found they could not access it for the second time in 24 hours.

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