People looking to recycle their mobile phones in the near future might want to try and get their hands on the world's first bamboo smartphone.

A design student from Middlesex University Kieron-Scott Woodhouse made his own phone after getting frustrated with the lack of variety in the mobile phone market. After posting his creations on forums he was contacted by a technology entrepreneur who wanted to fund the phone.

Mr Woodhouse said completing his final year of education and designing the phone has been challenging but added that he is happy that this opportunity gives him a fantastic start to his career.

“Bamboo may seem like a strange material to use for a phone, but it’s actually extremely strong and very durable, perfect qualities for this kind of application," he continued.

Apple is currently embroiled in a bitter dispute with Samsung over design patents, with the Korean giant recently winning a court appeal in the Netherlands, which could have seen the Galaxy 10.1 tablet banned in the country.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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