There is no doubt about it, we are officially a digital nation tha loves to be kept up to date with the latest in smartphone technology and apps. It is an exciting time in which things are constantly becoming more fresh, updating and evolving.

In fact, we love our smartphones so much that according to recent research by OnePoll, Britons spend just less than a day per week on their devices, connecting with loved ones, catching up on the news, taking selfies and online dating, to name but a few activities.

While this would have perhaps been a bit alarming in the past, it highlights just how well connected and modern our society has become and how important it is to have the right smartphone for your personal needs depending on what you like to use it for.

Of those surveyed, it became apparent that women were in fact the biggest smartphone users, spending 23 minutes per day longer than men on their devices. When it comes to age, it was those between the 18-24 category that dedicate more time to using their smartphone, with four hours and 20 minutes, compared to those aged 55 and over who only spend two hours and 15 minutes a day on theirs.

When it comes to spending time using your smartphone, previous research has shown that there is no doubt that social media plays a very big part in what we do during the time spent on our phones. This resonates especially with women, who use social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, more often than men do. In fact, women are likely to spend more time on the phone talking and texting than men also, although both sexes tend to use theirs for email purposes just as much as each other.

It is interesting to learn that it seems that women also use their smartphones for camera, games and sharing purposes, whereas men tend to use theirs for catching up with the news, watching videos and for GPS reasons.

Luckily, given that we are such a well connected society and there are a plethora of apps being released every month to suit everyone’s needs, it seems that our love for the smartphone will only continue to grow, just as much as technology will further evolve.


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