More than any other smartphone company in the world, Apple is normally hugely secretive when it comes to the details of its upcoming releases, springing surprises on fans and the press alike in its release conferences rather than allowing leaked details to spoil all the fun.

However, it seems that even the Cupertino giant is susceptible to leaks this year, with more and more details being released about its 2014 smartphone – predicted to be the iPhone 6 – which should be released, as usual, in the autumn months.

Unlike previous years, we have already been given glimpses of how the phone will look, with molds, metal casing and even an entire alleged dummy model already having been revealed in the past few weeks. 

All of these pointed to one factor that really got people excited for its release – it seems that at last Apple is going to bow to the pressure from all its competitors and make the iPhone 6 much bigger than those versions we've seen in the past.

The company has long been loathe to really raise the size of its devices, because it believes that the slim screen makes it easy to use with one hand. In fact, the only increase we've seen in recent years has been the lengthening of the display, which was the major change in the release of the iPhone 5.

This refusal to change size, however, has left it in the wake of its competitors when it comes to delivering a 21st century phone with a real punch. In fact, even the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – which is a pared back version of the Korean firm's main handset – is expected to be bigger than Apple's flagship. 

So a change in size is long overdue from Apple, and the good news is that another leak seems to confirm those rumours we've been seeing in the past few months, with a user on Weibo, the Chinese social media platform, called Gooey posting images that allege to show the backlight for the new Apple smartphone.

If these are genuine images, then it adds yet more weight to the argument that the phone will be packing a larger display than those seen in the past, with the often rumoured 4.7 inch screen seemingly being a likelihood. 

The shape of the images show that the phone will not be the sort of slimline-but-tall variant that we saw on the iPhone 5 screen, which means that Apple is potentially moving away from its belief that only slim phones can be realistically used with one hand. 

And although rumours have stated that the new phone will pack a mighty 1704 x 960 display and a more powerful A8 processor, it seems the hopes for an even bigger version have been dashed for now. 

Many experts have predicted that the new iPhone would also come in a 5.5 inch variant, but with the backlight images only showing off one size, it appears that this may be little more than a dream at the current time. ADNFCR-2155-ID-801723227-ADNFCR

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