Brits may be tempted to trade in mobiles for augmented reality (AR)-enabled handsets, as vendors, retailers and brands appear to be increasingly interested in this technology.

Juniper Research's Mobile Augmented Reality report indicated that the installed base of AR-capable smartphones topped more than 100 million in 2010, up from the eight million recorded 12 months previously.

What's more, global revenues from investment in AR services and applications is expected to near $1.5 billion (£929 million) by 2015.

Study author Dr Windsor Holden commented on heightened activity from companies such as Coca-Cola and Carlsberg, which have brought out ad campaigns with AR elements, saying people can now see real-life examples in action.

However, it was noted that consumers are yet to be convinced that AR apps are anything more than gimmicks and Brits may be more tempted by BlackBerry smartphones for the time being.

Analyst group GFK recently revealed that the brand sold more devices than any other competitor in December 2010.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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