Mobile phone fans could already be excited about the possibility of a HTC Desire device being released with a full Qwerty keyboard.

Rumours have surfaced online that such a product is on the way, with the Carphone Warehouse fuelling the fire by including it on the ‘coming soon’ section of its website.

Asavin Wattanajantra, writing for CNET UK, tells how the mobile provider soon denied the claims, suggesting it only included specifications taken from online guesswork.

The company then removed all mention of the phone from the online portal, leaving technology lovers in two minds.

“The HTC Desire Z is the major eyebrow-raiser for us – if it’s real, it’ll be the first HTC Android device for ages to carry a slide-out Qwerty keyboard,” writes the expert.

However, what is sure is that should the handset be unveiled it will be popular with mobile users.

Other HTC models include those in the Wildfire, Dream and Hero ranges, all of which have enjoyed success in the UK market.

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