As HTC prepares to release its latest mobile phone, the Desire HD, some mobile phone fans may be wondering whether it has the potential to be the best handset of all time.

Michael Sawh, assessing the device for T3, says the brand achieved “greatness” with the HTC Hero, which was named the website’s Phone of the Year for 2009, before exceeding its own standards with the Desire.

Now, the question on many people’s lips could be whether the HD version can top the original?

One way to find out is to trade-in a used phone and splash out on the HTC Desire HD, which is due to be available from October 14th.<br/>
Mr Sawh notes the T3 team “couldn’t help but drool a little” over the design of the HTC Legend and it is along these lines the Desire HD has been created.

HTC is promising the model will have a top-of-the-range sound system and super-fast internet connectivity.

Posted by Paul Whalley

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