Those thinking of recycling their mobile and upgrading to a handset powered by Android 2.0 may be excited about the free Google Maps Navigation application, which was unveiled last week.

However, according to one expert, it could threaten traditional satnav companies, given that it comes at no cost but with many of the features usually found in a gadget of this type, such as voice guidance and automatic rerouting.

Conrad Longmore is the editor of Mobile Gazette and said those who want to see what kind of an effect the app – which is initially available in the US – will have should check out the share prices of firms like Garmin and TomTom.

He added: "People with long memories might remember what happened to Netscape Corporation after Microsoft started to give Internet Explorer away for free."

However, Mr Longmore said that when it comes to interface design, Google is still catching up with its competitors.

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