Will Apple be creating a partnership with American Express? Yes, you heard that right; these are the latest rumours to be surfacing about the hotly anticipated iPhone 6.

While it may be a bit confusing trying to work out what one of the leading financial services has to do with the new smartphone, the partnership will focus on the rumoured iPhone 6 mobile payment platform.

The first suggestions of this came in July when images were leaked of an iPhone 6 logic board which showed that the smartphone will support Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. This would make it possible to pay for goods with Apple’s mobile wallet service.

According to sources, American Express is just one of a number of partners that Apple need to confirm before the payments plan can be put into practice and launched.The service will be available for users to have in place of their credit cards, debit cards, or even in certain shops, as cash.

Users will just need to present their phones while at the checkout of specific retailers, which are yet to be named, to be able to transfer payment information and complete their purchase.

American Express isn’t the first big name that’s been rumoured to work alongside Apple in this venture. Visa was previously suggested as a partner back in July. While it is only these two companies that have been named so far, Apple will need to get more partners on board to compete against the likes of Google Wallet and PayPal.

While these are all still just rumours, this, along with the other countless ones that have been flying around the internet over the past few months, will be put to rest on September 9th with Apple’s announcement, which is most likely to be for the iPhone 6.

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