People who trade-in a mobile phone and put the funds toward splashing out on a replacement device may be interested in a white HTC Desire.

Asavin Wattanajantra, penning a piece for CNET UK, notes the phone is available to pre-order and those who move quickly could have it in their hands by next week.

Among the reasons to ditch an existing mobile and upgrade to the Desire is its inclusion of a super LCD screen instead of an AMOLED display.

Those who are not convinced by the white model could instead pre-order one of the brand’s Wildfire handsets, although the author admits there is no guarantee over when these will be in stock.

He adds there are plenty of deals – both for 18 and 24 months – that people can sign up to in order to get the package that is right for them.

HTC is also planning to launch its high-definition model of the Desire, which should be a hit with mobile fans.

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