Recycling has never been easier – but more needs to be done to ensure waste is not being sent to landfill sites, it has been suggested.

A recent study published by Which? revealed a significant amount of products that are supposed to be reused are instead being dumped elsewhere by councils.

It showed almost 230,000 tonnes of materials intended for recycling and composting was rejected last year and sent to landfill – due to it being categorised as contaminated.

This occurs when items made of materials like glass and plastic get mixed up, as they cannot be put through together. The result of this is that between five and ten per cent of all items intended for reuse go to waste sites instead.

Jess Ross, editor of, commented: "More could be done by councils and by consumers to ensure that we recycle more waste, more effectively."

Mobile phone recycling could give consumers peace of mind, as this is one way to ensure your unwanted items go to good use.

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