Although the Nokia Lumia 925 may be just be a updated version of its predecessor, there's still a lot of excitement about the latest mobile phone from the Finnish firm.

This is also what a lot of UK retailers think too as pretty much everyone is offering their own deal for the new Nokia Lumia handset.

Vodafone has the handset and offers it for free on two-year contracts, which range from £34 per month. It also has the benefit of being 4G capable, so as soon as the network is equipped, you will be too.

Three is allowing people to pre-order the Lumia 925 with a release date of June 21st although this is only estimated. The network offers the handset for £35 per month on a two-year contract.

O2 says the device is "coming soon: June 2013" and will offer it at £37 for the same length of time as the other two.

EE is the only major retailer that hasn't advertised its intentions for the Nokia Lumia 925 and as it is the only 4G network in the UK this may annoy some users.

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