When will the iPhone 8 be unveiled?

Speculation about exactly when Apple will unveil its iPhone 8 device has been rife in recent weeks.

Some industry observers believe it could be next year until we see the newest iteration of Apple's flagship smartphone.

But a new report in the Economic Daily News actually indicates that the company is right on schedule and set to unveil the device in September.

The uncertainty had arisen because of supply chain concerns, but sources told the publication that Apple's parts suppliers will be able to meet a summer production schedule.

If this is correct, it means that details of the smartphone will be released in September and the product itself will be on the market by October.

This will allow Apple to mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone in style – and make sure it is looking forward, rather than basking in nostalgia and past successes.

Of course, Apple is very good at keeping its cards close to its chest when it comes to details about new products, so we can't say for sure what dazzling new features are going to be included in the iPhone 8.

But that hasn't stopped rumours circulating and speculation reaching about what might be on offer reaching fever pitch. 

Among the features being widely tipped to be included in the iPhone 8 is a wireless charging facility, augmented reality technology and a vertical dual-camera lens with Optical Image Stabilisation.

Industry commentators are also expecting the handset to boast a curved design and an edge-to-edge display, while many are looking forward to speakers that offer better sound quality and a more waterproof design.

One thing does seem to be certain though – the iPhone 8 will carry a premium price tag.

According to JPMorgan, Apple wants to bundle its wireless AirPod headphones, which were unveiled last year, with the iPhone 8.

These bluetooth earphones offer a long battery life and can automatically switch between a person's various Apple devices.

But they typically cost around £159 on their own, so if you factor in the cost of a new all-singing and all-dancing high-end iPhone and it looks like many people might need to start saving up as soon as they can.

As we said earlier, Apple is great at staying tight-lipped about these things and there's always a chance that rumours of new iPhone features are based on what's on people's wish lists rather than actual insider knowledge.

Add to that the fact that no official date for the unveiling of the iPhone 8 has yet been confirmed and you end up with more questions than answers.

But let's not let that stand in the way of some heated debates and genuine excitement about what might be in store.

We hope that the rumour of a September unveiling at least is accurate, as we can't stand the suspense much longer!ADNFCR-2155-ID-801835635-ADNFCR

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