Apple’s most recent update, the iOS 8.1, is due for release today (October 20th), with Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi having revealed some of its new features during an iPad event.

As always, the question that is on most people’s lips before they download a new update is what can be expected?

Apple Pay may finally be here

It seems like we’ve been reading about the greatly anticipated Apple Pay for a long time now and the time has seemingly finally arrived, although at present it is just in the US. However, the fact that it has been released there now puts the UK in good stead to be able to use it hopefully early next year.

This forward-thinking technology relies on the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and Passbook which stores your card details. When paying for goods, users simply need to press the Touch ID on their iPhone while waving in front of the shop’s NFC terminal for the payment to be processed.

Whether or not using cards or cash is a habit that will soon be forgotten remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that as soon as the update has been downloaded, there will be a lot of iPhone users in the States heading to the shops to test it out.

The Camera Roll is back!

Yes, for anyone who was upset that the last update got rid of the beloved Camera Roll feature, calling it ‘Recently Added’, rejoice as Apple must have listened to its customers and decided to bring it back.

It may not be the biggest update, but there is some comfort in familiarity and this will no doubt make a lot of people very happy.

Wait, there’s more camera news!

So, aside from reinstating the Camera Roll, the iOS 8.1 will bring to your iPhone a number of new camera features. Those who are happy snappy can have fun playing around with a new Time Lapse mode as well as real-time exposure adjustment, to make sure pictures are of the best quality.

There will also be a timer available when taking photos of either three or ten seconds, making group shots easier to take.

The iCloud Photo Library feature will also help users save their images and videos to their iCloud account. With this, smaller images will be saved on your iPhone so that there is more storage space left and the larger images will still be available through the iCloud Photo Library.

Sharing’s caring

The iOS 8.1 update has a new Family Sharing feature which allows families to share music, images, videos and apps with one another. It also allows you to keep track of where where the kids are thanks to its location data and if you’re wondering where a family member is, just check the family calendar to remind yourself!

What’s more is you can rest easy knowing that there won’t be any financial mishaps should the kids get a bit carried away when buying new games and apps for their devices as you can set the feature up so that your permission is needed.

Instant Hotspot

If you have either an iPad or a Mac as well as an iPhone once you download the iOS 8.1, if you aren’t within range of WiFi you will be able to connect to the personal hotspot on the iPhone if you have it with you. The name of the iPhone will simply appear in the list of WiFi networks on the device. Now that is a handy little bonus!


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